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We realize you have many questions you’d like answered before making the life altering decision to undergo bariatric surgery.

Fresno Bariatric Seminars

To sign up for an in-person seminar, you can complete your registration information and choose the seminar you want to attend from our upcoming schedule. Seminars are available multiple times a week at various locations.

Alternatively, we also offer online seminars for those unable to make it in-person. The information provided in our online seminar is nearly identical to our in-person seminar.

Between online and in-person seminars, Fresno Bariatric makes it as easy for you to get started learning about bariatric weight-loss surgery as possible.

Bariatric Support Groups

At Fresno Bariatrics, we put a strong emphasis on providing continuing support before, during, and after weight-loss surgery. We have a full support group schedule available to past patients, new patients, and those still exploring. Support meetings are run by our committed and compassionate team members.

For a full list of support group descriptions and meeting times, click here.

Care Providers

Before you commit to weight-loss surgery, it’s important to feel comfortable with the physicians providing your care. At Fresno Bariatrics, we have four doctors who'll be directing your overall care and performing your surgery. These individuals have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry.

You'll be under the care of a compassionate and experienced team of therapists, certified bariatric nurses, dietitians, and mid-level practitioners. These individuals have roughly 100 years of combined experience in their various fields.

Steps to Surgery

From start to end, you have questions about what's involved in bariatric surgery. We have answers regarding the process, how to determine if you're a candidate, options for financing, and what results to expect after the surgery is complete.


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For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact us via phone or the form above.

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