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The endoluminal gastric plication procedure (or endoscopic sleeve, or ELGP) is available to those previously denied by insurance for bariatric surgery due to low body mass index or other factors. Patients typically experience an ultra-fast recovery time (24-48 hours) and have little to no activity restrictions, once home.


How the endoscopic sleeve works

Developed in 2014, the endoscopic sleeve is an incisionless procedure that's offered to patients who aren't candidates for bariatric surgery. The procedure is completed with the use of a flexible endoscope and no incisions are made, resulting in shorter recovery time. The procedure is nonsurgical but requires general anesthesia due to the length of time to complete.

Recovery and results will vary by patient. As with any medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications – this may not be representative of all patients, however.

Frequently asked questions

Immediately following surgery, patients are closely monitored while waking up from anesthesia. With assistance from our nursing staff, the patient will need to walk outside of their room, in the hallway, at least 20 steps.

After walking, the patient will be allowed to take zero sugar liquids by mouth. This is usually ice chips and sips of water but broth, sugar-free popsicles and no calorie, non-carbonated drinks are encouraged.

Once able to drink water, the patient will be discharged to a designated caregiver. We cannot release the patient without accompaniment.

Depending on the time of surgery and post-operative performance, patients can go home the same day of their surgery.

The endoluminal gastric plication is a cash pay only procedure. The overall cost is less than a traditional sleeve gastrectomy and starts around $7,900 plus professional fees.

For questions regarding procedural costs, please contact our office at (559) 433-6010.

If you're ready to take the first step on your weight-loss journey, we're ready to help you — every step of the way.

To get started, call our office at (559) 433-6010 and one of our Patient Coordinators will help get you started.

Daily activities
Once home, patients typically can perform normal daily activities such as walking up steps, using the restroom or taking a shower. We recommend the patient move about normally and even perform light exercise. After 48 hours the patient’s activity level typically can increase. All exercise is allowed as soon as possible.

Driving and working
A typical patient can drive his or her car about one to two days after surgery. We do not recommend patients drive if they feel they cannot turn the wheel or apply the brakes in an emergency. Patients can return to work no earlier than three days following surgery.

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