Patient workup

Bariatric surgery is a journey that requires months of education, evaluation and understanding. For many of our patients, the workup might seem confusing and overwhelming. We've broken the patient workup into three main sections in the timeline below.


Patient Goals

Our team set three primary patient goals throughout the six-month workup. Each goal is color-coded in the timeline at the bottom of this page and explained below.

GRAY (Consult to Month 2)
Patient should obtain and evaluate his or her overall healthcare picture.

BLUE (Month 3 to Month 5)
Address patient healthcare needs and/or improvements to ensure best outcome.

GREEN (Month 6 to Pre-Op)
Finalize surgery preparation and obtain a surgery date.


Workup timeline

Each section of the timeline relates to one of three specific goals our team sets for each patient on this journey, as noted above. The color-coded goals match the specific months of the journey in which they are fulfilled.

Bariatric Patient Flow Chart


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