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Each step in the bariatric surgery process is important and the length of each patient's journey may be different, depending on your unique medical history. Our team won't rush you in and out of our doors - this program is about you and you should be as comfortable as possible as you move forward.

Typically, each patient will follow a six-month workup timeline, from initial consultation to the day of surgery. For each patient, however, the journey can be broken into four simple steps:

Education is KEY!

Learn as much as you can about bariatric and metabolic surgery. You can watch our online seminar video to meet our team of surgeons, learn about the benefits of surgery and review the types of procedures we offer.

As you're learning, be sure to research:

  • Which surgical options are available

  • ​What are the risks and benefits of each procedure

  • How were others' experiences

  • Will your insurance cover the surgery

You can also attend one of our free support groups online to connect with other patients on different parts of the journey and ask questions.

Now it's time to have "the talk." 

Talking with one of our doctors will help you determine if you're a candidate for surgery and which option is best, depending on what your specific health issues and goals are.

It's time to conquer the climb!

The pre-surgical process begins once you've talked with your doctor and he or she agrees you are a candidate for weight loss surgery. As you start this process, before you undergo any procedure, you'll be required to go through a series of:

Once you've completed your pre-operative requirements, you'll meet with your surgeon again who will submit your request for surgery to your insurance company for authorization.

Your procedure will be life-changing so you'll need to prepare.

In the weeks leading up to surgery, prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the journey you are about to begin. Some ways you can be prepared include:

  • Lose as much weight on your own as you can
  • Develop healthy, new eating habits
  • Start exercising
  • Join a peer support group
  • Keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings​
  • Get your friends and family involved in the process
  • Track your diet and exercise with the Baritastic app

The more support you have at the beginning of this journey will help you tremendously in the end.

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