A Simple Procedure For Long-Term Weight Loss

The AspireAssist is an FDA-approved non-surgical weight loss solution affordable for patients who might not qualify for other bariatric surgeries. The 10-minute outpatient procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is reversible at any time.


How The AspireAssist Device Works

A thin tube is placed in your stomach through an endoscope and connects the inside of your stomach directly to a small button on the outside of your abdominal skin.

With the AspireAssist device, about 30% of the food that enters your stomach is removed before the calories are absorbed which results in weight loss. This emptying process is called "aspiration" and is usually performed about 20-30 minutes after you're finished eating.

The entire process takes 5-10 to complete and should be performed in the restroom so that the food that is drained can go directly into the toilet.

Aspire Assist diagram

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