Specialized Services, Quality Care

Our bariatric program is located on the fourth floor of the Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital. The hospital offers five-star cardiac care and vascular services as well as luxurious accommodations and an excellent patient experience.

Additional amenities offered at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital include:

  • 48 private patient suites with large televisions and cable access
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi for guests and patients throughout the hospital
  • Views of Woodward Park from almost every patient suite
  • Patient suites can accommodate one family member overnight, if needed
  • Restaurant-quality cuisine that caters to individual patient needs and is available to family members in our first-floor Café.


See What Our Patient Suites Have To Offer

Click through the gallery to see inside our patient suites, and get a preview of what the first floor Café at Fresno Heart & Surgical Hospital has to offer. 

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