If you’ve had breast reconstruction and weren’t a candidate for a nipple-sparing mastectomy, you may still be able to have a nipple and areola reconstructed. Many patients choose to have nipple reconstruction as the last steps in their reconstructive journey.


What’s nipple reconstruction surgery?

After breast reconstruction has recreated your breast mound, a nipple reconstruction can then recreate the nipple-areola complex so that your reconstructed breast more closely resembles a typical-appearing breast.


Types of nipple reconstruction

Talk to our surgeons to find out if one of these procedures is right for you:


Local skin flap

One of the most common methods of nipple reconstruction, this method involves using local skin of the breast mound to tailor and create a nipple made up of skin and fat. There are many techniques and designs that are used. This is an outpatient procedure with minimal downtime and pain.


3D tattoo

An alternative and/or complement to nipple reconstruction is 3D tattooing. 3D tattooing creates the realistic appearance of a nipple and areola. You may need to have the tattoo touched up, as pigments may fade or change over time.

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